General Resources

  • P2PU: Peer 2 Peer University, home of Learning Circles: “Learning circles are free study groups for people who want to take online classes together and in-person.”
  • LINCS Online Courses: From the US Dept of Education: “Access freely available, evidenced-based professional development courses and training through the LINCS Learning Portal. Explore 20+ self-paced online courses and facilitated online courses for adult educators and program managers.”
  • The Change Agent: “The Change Agent is a biannual magazine for adult educators and learners published by the New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC) at World Education.”
  • Tech Tips for Teachers blog: From World Education: “This blog covers topics related to technology use in adult education in the United States. Posts include simple lesson ideas that teachers can use to integrate technology into instruction, updates on what’s happening in the field, new opportunities and resources, and news from our EdTech Center projects.”

  • RIGCD and COVID-19: The Rhode Island Governor’s Commission on Disabilities (RIGCD) has created the following resource guide to assist our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. PDF file: