RI Adult Ed Google Groups

RI Adult Education has several mailing lists (through Google Groups) for communicating and getting our work done. If you are not already a member, click on one of the Group names below to apply for membership to a Group (once a new window opens, click the blue apply link).

Joining a group will give you access to email messages, calendars, and documents that are shared within the group. You do not have to have a riadulted.org account to join these groups – any email address will work. For help, please contact support@riadulted.org

All Staff

This group is for any staff person working in adult education including directors, teachers, administrative staff, volunteers, advocates, partners, etc.

LACES User Group

This group meets face-to-face once a month throughout the year to discuss the adult education database LACES.


A group for adult education program directors and secondary contacts.

Professional Learning Specialists

Each adult education program has a designated Professional Learning Specialist. PLSs coach practitioners and lead a program professional learning community (PLC) focused on specific instructional demands that assure each individual student’s readiness for advancement to the next educational functioning level.