Tech Hub Professional Development

The RI Tech Hub advances digital literacy so adults can thrive in a changing world. Using a human-centered approach where the needs and strengths of adults are paramount, we will leverage the expertise among our partners and colleagues in adult education to provide the highest quality learning opportunities, resources, and support. Our work includes:

  • Training and Implementation of the RI AdultEd Domain and G-Suite
  • Programs for Instructional Best Practices in Distance and Blended Learning
  • Facilitation of Technology Related Partnerships & Communication

Recorded Technology Trainings

Tech Hub Learning Pathways Program

The Tech Hub Learning Pathways program is a series of blended learning modules that enable practitioners to choose professional development opportunities that best meet their needs. Each of the modules provides learning resources for teachers on specific concepts and technology tools in preparation for integrating technology and digital skills in their practice. The Learning Pathway program is flexible and allows practitioners to enter at their starting point and set their own goals. Practitioners can earn micro-credentials for each module and work towards industry-recognized credentials such as Google Educator Certification and Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

Each module of the Learning Pathways program is offered as an independent study module or practitioners can join a cohort and work through the learning resources with the support of a Tech Hub technology coach. In-person workshops that support each module are free and open to everyone. Dates and registration information for the in-person workshops are listed on the PD calendar on this website.

Accessing the modules for independent study: The modules for independent study are listed at the bottom of this page. Click on the name of the module to open it. Each module has an introduction followed by curated learning resources. We believe in peer support and have included suggestions on ways to collaborate with colleagues and get feedback on ideas for classroom implementation.

Upon completion of each module, participants have the opportunity to create a professional portfolio by documenting their work and earning a micro-credential. Refer to the optional Final Project at the end of each module for more information. Each module will take about 2-3 hours to complete depending on prior knowledge. This does not include time for in-person workshops, classroom implementation, and time spent on the final project for a micro-credential.

To get started, read the description of each of the three pathways below. Next, decide which pathway and specific module interests you. Open the module and start working! You can download and print the document or right-click and make a digital copy. We recommend working from a digital copy, so you can take notes in the document.

Joining a cohort facilitated by a Technology Coach: This blended learning format uses a flipped instructional model. Participants will review the learning resources in preparation for the in-person workshop where they will build on what they have learned. The modules will be accessed through an online course platform and participants will engage in group discussions, and receive feedback on ideas from the course facilitator. The estimated time commitment is 2-3 hours a week for 5 weeks including one 2-hour in-person workshop. Participants have the opportunity to earn a micro-credential upon completion of an optional final project.

Online facilitated courses are offered throughout the year and according to demand. Refer to the PD calendar for offerings and dates. If you’d like to join a facilitated course, contact Sherry Lehane at

Microsoft Office Specialization Pathway

This learning pathway is for adult educators and staff who want to improve their skills in the Microsoft Office suite applications. It offers an entry point for beginners, gives support for learning at all levels, and culminates in the potential for learners to advance all the way to the industry-recognized Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Learners can choose to follow the learning path for either Word or Excel–or both, depending on their interests and availability. Available on demand.

Building Blocks of Technology Integration Pathway

This learning pathway is comprised of three modules that build foundational skills needed to use technology for teaching and learning. Each module focuses on technology use with practical applications. Teachers will use technology tools such as email, Google Drive, and online survey forms with the goal of integrating them into their practice and teaching their students how to use them in authentic contexts. Participants in this pathway can choose to follow a path for Google Educator Certification. Preview each module by clicking on them below.

Strategies for Blended Learning Pathway

The Strategies for Blended Learning pathway is comprised of two modules. Each module introduces strategies that enable educators to share lessons, resources, and engage students in discussions using online platforms. Teachers will experience these tools as a learner before using them to create classroom lessons that teach students how to effectively use these tools. Participants in this pathway can choose to follow a path for Google Educator Certification. Preview each module by clicking on them below.

For more information on the Tech Hub Learning Pathways program, contact Sherry Lehane at