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About Education Programming FY24

Here is a list of in-person, distance and blended programming for RI Adult Education providers in the FY23-24. The spreadsheet contains the type of program, the schedule, contact information, and type of enrollment.

About Adult Ed Google Groups

RI Adult Education has several mailing lists (through Google Groups) for communicating and getting our work done. If you are not already a member, click on one of the Group names below to apply for membership to a Group (once a new window opens, click the blue Apply link).

Joining a group will give you access to email messages, calendars, and documents that are shared within the group. You do not have to have a account to join these groups, but you do need a Google account. For help, please contact

About Communities of Practice (CoP)

A community of practice (CoP) refers to a group of individuals who share a common interest or passion and come together to collaborate on projects and learn from one another. CoP encourages idea exchange, knowledge sharing, and activity participation among members. Their collective expertise leads to innovative solutions, tackling challenges, and achieving goals. Through active participation in a CoP, members can expand their knowledge base, enhance their skills, and build meaningful relationships. You can join any CoP that is closely related to your role.

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